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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First estimates of Germany's wine grape area and must harvest released

The Federal Statistics Office of Germany has released its first estimate of Germany's area under vinegrapes and must production in 2006.

Total vinegrape area is slightly up from 98,900 ha in 2005 to 99,000 ha in 2006. The area under white grapes has declined from 62,600 ha to 62,400 ha whereas the area under red varieties has grown by 100 ha to reach 36,500 ha in 2006.

Average yield of white varieties is estimated to reach 101.7 hl/ha (10.2 t/ha), up from 92.1 hl/ha in 2005. Must yield of red varieties is estimated to reach 104.5 hl/ha, up from 102.8 hl/ha in 2005.



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